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[Paid] 3D animator/rigger for Unreal Engine

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We are currently in need of a 3D animator/rigger to create cartoony stylized animations for characters.

We will provide you with a fully modeled character for Unreal engine to be rigged and animated on Maya. Characters are anthropomorphic. If you have discord that would be the best way to communicate with the entire team!


  • You have advanced knowledge of Maya
  • Experience working on games or movies
  • You need to provide your portfolio in a showreel, and demonstrating your character animation skills
  • At least 2 years or more experience
  • Have released at least 1 or more games
  • Strong Communication Skills

If you are interested in learning more. Please send an email to [email protected] or add me on Discord Cepheus#0541

Don't forget to include some of your previous work when applying and include "I have read your post on Polycount" to make sure you fully read this post.

Thank you!

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