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Sci-fi game assets - looking for feedback

Hi. We are a small team working on a multiplayer FPS game in Unreal Engine 4. I would glady hear your general thoughts on these assets I made.


  • Lether
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    Lether polycounter lvl 8
    That is really cool to go that far in the dev of a game !!!
    My general thoughts goes to your texturing. I feel it is a little bit generic. I mean, sorry if I am wrong, you probably use the generic texture of substance painter and tweaked it. You could go a little bit far. I feel you need more AO subtility, more roughness subtility to give a better comprehension of the material.
    Hope it helps you :)
  • Phoenix995
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    Phoenix995 interpolator
    I feel like you could work a bit on the modeling and texturing, right now it looks very generic. Like just some primitives stuck together and a random texture ontop. There are really great Tutorials out there on how to create assets like that. Artstation Learning is free btw. if you wanna take a look at that. 
    But i like that you really go for a game :)
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