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Hylda Fermi, my original character. (Feedback are welcomed)

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Hello Everyone, I'm working on my own character lately and would love to get some feedback. Her story as far as right now, her name is Hylda Fermi and she was raised by her father who was a great general (I'm still learning the history of Medieval Times). She accompany with the main character Zacas Basheth on a journey to seek who was responsible of the death of their parents and whole village. Hylda is agile, and a strategist while Zacas, well.. is neither. 

Here's my process on my work and where I'm at.  I'm really struggling with shading. First I did with brushes and that came out really messy and then did another pass where I'm zoning out where the darks are and mid to light. Any critiques or tips are all welcomed.


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