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Interested in Virtual Production? We are hiring! UE Technical Artists, Environment Artists and more!

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Hi! We are a new Virtual Production studio in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

We are growing our team and are hiring for all kinds of positions, they are:

  • Unreal Engine Technical Artists (generalists, rigging and animation roles)
  • Environment Artist, Unreal Engine
  • Performance Capture Technical Director (open to Junior and Mid-level TDs)
  • Junior Pipeline Developers
  • Data Wrangler/Technical Artist
  • Concept Artist/Matte Painter
  • Animators

Interested in any of the above? Visit our careers page to know more: https://en.versatile.media/careers/

Want to know more about us? Visit our website: https://en.versatile.media/

Questions? Feel free to email me at [email protected]

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