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Stylized Crate Sculpt

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Axemeister polycounter lvl 8
I've just got back into 3D modelling after a year or so and I've made this to practice my sculpting. 
I wanted to purposely keep the texturing pretty flat and use mostly gradients rather than details.

I'd love some advice on how I could improve this, especially the metal, as I think it looks
a little too rounded/soft, as I've not had much experience in sculpting stylized metal. 

Cheers in advance!


  • Phoenix995
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    Phoenix995 interpolator
    Pretty good already, i would also think about where the wood intersects with the metal. that there is some kind of hole where the wood can get into.
    and dont add details everywhere, also try to have some bigger shapes that are "clean" so the eye can rest a bit.
  • ThisisVictoriaZ
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    ThisisVictoriaZ polycounter
    Looks good! I would agree that the metal is a bit soft, I like your bevels are just a little bit too big. As for your textures, I think the wood looks really flat, I would recommend adding a bit of dirt and highlighting the edges. One thing I sometimes do is change the value of one of the wood planks to be slightly lighter or darker, that makes the wood look visually more interesting!
  • Axemeister
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    Axemeister polycounter lvl 8
    Thanks for the feedback! 
    Definitely some details there I hadn't thought about, especially the section where the wood intersects with the metal. And I think I will try and add a bit more detail to the textures, even if I was going for a flat look, I think there's a lot of room to add some depth with it.

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