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Where to find certain types of specialist?

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Alex_J veteran polycounter
Hi, I've put out some job postings everywhere I know of, but I'm looking for a specific kind of specialist and I wonder if anybody can help me narrow down my search a little more. 

I'm looking for a person that specializes in making promotional trailers for games, and also somebody who makes 2d art for the same purpose. (not sure what the 2d art category would be called, think about several layers of concept-like images, and they have basic panning around animations just to make it feel dynamic)

I've posted on generic job boards and discords, but I wonder if there is more specific term I can search for as well? Or maybe somebody knows somebody and can vouch? 

I looked at fivver but it's like a needle in a haystack there. I'm not looking for cheap. 

I also thought I could look through credits on games that have trailers like I want, but I don't know who would be the person(s) who did this work.


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