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Feedback (Creature Characters) and needed tips

Hey there, 

I made this one Alien character that should be similar to a Mass Effect Spezies like the Kroganm, and i hope the proportions fit. The other character should be similar to Razum Dar from elder scrolls online, a Khajiit character. But im not sure about the textures and wonder what you think and how i can give him particles the best way for fur?

But im not sure about the textures, and if there is a website where some artist help me out for money?  (Like 300 to 450 Euros/ Dollars. (Fiverr i saw but there are many Scammers and often the services are not as good) Also, how much Ram do i need for high poly sculpts, I seem to have not enough for exporting a high poly mesh for a normal map (32 Gb)

My Gpu is 3080 Rtx and a 10 Core Intel with max 5,3 Ghz.

Thanks for any help :) 

(Its a work in progress)


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    Nice start on the characters. The best way to get help is to state what your end goal is and what software you used to model with.
    For now the advice that is most often given is to base your models of real anatomy. One way to do this is to use a free app like Daz 3D as a reference. You can give the base models different aspects like weight, height and scale. To get a better look at the form you can turn off textures.

    The models you have are missing muscle structure and volume, and until we know better, they don't look as convincing as they could. If the base is not right then all the texturing in the world wont raise the believability of the character. If I were you I would concentrate on nailing generic humans before going to monsters.

    As far as fur goes you can google: animal fur (your app) youtube.

    Depending on what you want as an end product: posing, 3d character printing, hipoly animation, displacement maps and the application thereof, lowpoly game character construction and texture baking. You can find great info on these points under the polycount wiki (menu item above), of hit youtube.
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