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Texture resolution appears to be reduced in Maya compared to Substance painter.

polycounter lvl 3
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Naoto polycounter lvl 3
The top is the image rendered in Maya (VRay 5) and the bottom is the image of the rendering display in substance painter.
Both have the same texture resolution of 4K, but obviously the Maya rendered image looks lower in resolution.
I tried turning off Maximum Texture Resolution Clamping in Viewport 2.0, but it doesn't improve the situation at all.

Also, the colors and textures look completely different in substance painter and Maya.
As for the situation, I use the VRay material.
I have Basecolor set to Diffuse color, Roughness set to Reflection glossiness, and Height set to Bump map.
I have not manipulated any other settings or values.

I need your help!

Please let me know if there is any other information or images you need.

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