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Game-Asset-Question (Time - How much time is realistic?)

polycounter lvl 4
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goekbenjamin polycounter lvl 4
Hey Guys may I ask you a thing?

How long would you say you would need to create a jacket like that (jacket combined with shirt + hood which is separatable, both has thickness but the inside only goes that much until you can't see it anymore )

Highpoly -> Mid-poly -> Texturing

i know it heavily depends on multiple stuff, i really just need an "approximate time range", if you had to decide spontaneously.

Thanks a lot in advance!


  • Neox
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    Neox high dynamic range
    how long is a piece of string?

    i think you have to narrow down the specs before anyone can tell something about it.

    i assume this is going to be a hyperrelistic kinda deal?

    so you will use marvellous designer for the main folds, likely zbrush for detailling of things. but dependent on how much you want to do in zbrush vs how much you want to do in texturing this could really mean anything.
    will this be textured uniquely, or with tilables? how close can you get? what will be the end product? this will influence the vert and texture budgets etc.

    this will all influence the time it takes to make it
  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J godlike master sticky
    If I was estimating for a job I'd say 4 weeks, but I'd expect to get 90% of the work done in one week. It's good to have plenty of extra time in case of problems. 

    If i was hiring somebody to do the work and they aren't a person who does nothing but make 3d clothes and has been doing so for 10 years, I would think 3-4 weeks would be reasonable if they are working on it full time.

    As mentioned already, specifics matter. 

  • goekbenjamin
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    goekbenjamin polycounter lvl 4
    yes, I know it depends on quite a lot. Because of that thanks a lot for the quick replies! :)

    It should be a realistic garment, mid-poly, texture-wise as close as possible within the limit of max 2k, no detail-normal-maps (no tileable)

    But I would have said something like between 3 - 5 weeks sounds reasonable, also I think it is better to have a little bit more time for feedback etc.

    That was a great help!
    Again thanks a lot!
  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J godlike master sticky
    that's just my answer i'd like to know other opinions because i havent worked with very many other artist, but neox sort of does this for a living so i think it's indicative of proper professional mindset, got to get more info before even attempt to make an estimate.
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