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Mekong River Crossing 3D (my first finished game)

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Finnn polycounter lvl 5

Hey polycounts,

I've finally finished my first game project. I had a few others going on, but going into this one (4 weeks ago)
I decided to go with a very simple concept and a manageable scope:
a "crossing" game where the player has to safely get passengers from one side of the river to the other.

Ferries of different size and speed will appear to make it difficulty. the difficulty also inreases over time (spawn rate, speed etc., randomness)
I also added a highscore which the player can try to beat.
There also realtime shadows made by clouds and particle effects that I created. 

99% you see and hear ingame is made by me (also the soundtrack ^^ )
Please feel free to give me some feedback. Be it visual,audio,game design or anything else related
Here is the itch link (you can play it in the browser)

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