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Marmoset's windows problem in Mac M1

Hello. I have recently installed Marmoset in my Macbook Air M1.
When it opens, the window appears like this, really crashed, and also I can't resize it. It sticks just like this.

I am using another screen and if I slide the window, it gets all clear, I can resize but just horizontally.

 But still, I have some problems with some popup windows. For example when I try to open a recent project in which I changed the naming od the images after, I see an all black window again, Marmoset blocks and I have to force it to quit.

And another problem, when in a bake group I want to edit the maps, the pop up windows just sticks to the top, I cant move it or close it.

Honestly, I don't why these things happen, maybe I am ignoring some simple settings. 
Hope you guys have a nice day and it would be awesome if any of you have the explanation for this.

Tahnk you.


  • WillDettrey
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    WillDettrey polycounter lvl 11
    Hello @romrom74, Part of this appears to your .prefs file needing to be reset (delete and relaunch Toolbag). Before resetting it though, can you email me a copy of it to: [email protected] you can find the file in this directory location: Mac: /Users/username/Library/Application Support/Marmoset Toolbag 4

    Toolbag 4 is not optimized for M1 Macs but does run fairly well with no major issues from our internal tests. Do you happen to have an external monitor plugged in when this issue occurs? Does it change behavior when the monitor is unplugged? Thank you!
  • rorom
    When I have my monitor unplugged, it seems to be fixed but still, when I try to open a scene:

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