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Hey friends,

After a long voyage, the space ship urgently needs a deep cleaning ...

I'm the lead developer behind Bforartists. Bforartists is a fork of the popluar open source 3D software Blender. With the goal to improve the UI and handling. It can be found here: https://www.bforartists.de

The picture was one of those test projects to check Bforartists for improvements and papercuts. But this time not as usual something small for two or three days. But a full project with many assets to cover as much usual workflow as possible. And to learn a few new things. The bacteria are for example distributed with the new Geometry Nodes. A new feature in Blender and so also in Bforartists.

And I finally had to do something graphic again after a long time of doing mainly programming. I started to loose connection. And I really missed making graphics, as I noticed on the project.

The background is done in Eevee. Cycles told me that it would need 100+ hours at the volumetric fog in the background and the planet with its atmosphere shader. It rendered in two seconds with Eevee then, using another technique for the atmosphere. The other assets are rendered with Cycles then, in 3 minutes at 150 samples.

I know that usually at this point the work really starts, and that there is lots to improve at this image. I could add much more detail on the space station and the robots for example. They are thrown together in a few minutes. The materials could benefit from polishing. And so on. Maybe i should even create all assets from scratch, now that the sujet is found. The image initially started as a project to show a cool space ship in front of a even cooler nebula. You see in what it turned ^^

My dilemma is as usual the time. The image contains four weeks of work already, which went mainly into the space ship and its dirty look. And i consider the image as good enough, and the initial task to test the workflows as done.

Have mercy, i haven't done any significant artwork since many years. And have fun with the image :)

- Reiner

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