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Blender - Texture Distorted on Import

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ChristheLancer97 polycounter lvl 3
Hi there,

I've had this problem for years now and never found a proper solution to this but some objects textures that are imported look really distorted on Blender for some reason and fine in other software. Here's an example of what I mean:

Here it is in Marmoset, where it actually looks fine:

Anyone have any solutions to this fix on Blender? Thanks for listening.


  • Noors
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    Noors greentooth
    Probably because Blender isn't triangulating quads the same way as Marmoset. Triangulation is a bit of a pain to maintain between softwares, hence it is recommanded to triangulate your models before exporting. Check the wireframe.
    Try to force the triangulation by connecting vertices the other way. Don't know if there's an option to do it automatically in Blender.
  • ChristheLancer97
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    ChristheLancer97 polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks for the reply @Noors
    Usually I make sure not to check any triangulation options unless its completely finalised so both Blender and Marmoset versions are not triangulated I'm afraid, all in quads.

    It's just so I keep the simple quad version whenever I need to change anything. But here is both wireframe in Blender and Marmoset:


    It's really strange cause I had this problem last year with a Scene I tried to make, everything looked fine on Marmoset but then textures in Blender look distorted and looks like its shifted around, even though its using the exact same FBX Model. Huh.
  • kio
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    kio polycounter lvl 14
    well the truth is - these are still triangles, its just hidden from you.  So please just do what @Noors mentioned an try triangulating a quad in the two possible ways and see if the texture distortion gets better...

    that said, you when working with baked normalmaps, you really don't have any other choice than to triangulate it before baking, as otherwise problems like this will create horrible artifacts in different applications. In blender its very easy to keep this procedural with the triangulate modifier, so you never really need to 'commit' to it.

  • SnowInChina
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    SnowInChina interpolator
    what kio said
    you don't necessary see the triangles, but everything that gets rendered is still triangulated
    and the algorythm behind the software determines how, which is going to F up your textures (as you have demonstrated)

  • ChristheLancer97
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    ChristheLancer97 polycounter lvl 3
    Thanks @kio and @SnowInChina
    Well, It looks like you were right. Applying triangulation did help, which never occurred me to try the modifier. So thank you all for that fix. 

    I'll also look into triangulating before baking, as I've never tried/thought about that either. Thanks alot for the help guys! 
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