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Deep Space Vessel

polycounter lvl 10
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AtomicArmy polycounter lvl 10
Created a explorer vessel that travels through wormholes to discover the unknown. The planet and stars were created in designer. The rest was blender Octane and zbrush. Finally Nuke and substance painter were used. Hope you enjoy. Feedback is always welcome.


  • Gikkio
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    Gikkio polycounter lvl 8
    Some things I like, others a little less.
    Purple light clashes with the rest of the lighting and is not very accurate.
    The model is beautiful but the light in space (non-orbital) comes from a single source almost always. The light is "soft" in its edges has decay. But as the ambient light I would have chosen a single strong spot, without decay, in order to have a clear cut between shadow and strong light. I don't know why the background appears, looking at the image still very flat, perhaps due to the light of the planet, the post-production on the halo needs more work in my opinion.
  • AtomicArmy
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    AtomicArmy polycounter lvl 10
    Yeah, I had a difficult time with the ring glow. It was going to be particles though I changed my mind. I'm proud of the ship, but not the background. The best thing is I'm learning my strength and weaknesses. Thank you for the feedback!
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