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MagicAnton polycounter lvl 3

Hello everyone :) ! Here I want to post my portfolio profile. I´m looking for some advices and critiques to improve my portfolio as 3D generalist and share opinions with others 3D artist.

I´ve been modeling for about 3 years and learning somo skills as texturing and sculping and currently Unreal Engine 4.
I need to do the best I can for reach a job in the video game industry.

Wellcome to my profile and thank you for watch and comment https://antonart.artstation.com/

Greetings to all! 


  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    1st project:

    Japanese house

    i like it, though seems more can be done like live in wear and general weathering all around, for instance the foundational stones look bleached clean and could use some, "dusting/moss buildup, dirt of some kind, perhaps some small vegetation between cracks in the stone to liven it up.(for me) If i was to judge harshly and to mention anything i'd like to see.
    Probably also should have matched the coloring in the concept, it looks really nice and compliments each-other well.  Some objects are smaller or thinner than the original concept, i can point out one, the sign outside, the "golden" border is thicccer in the concept than it is in the 3D representation.

    2nd: the last item on your portfolio can be removed all together its the weakest to me and hurts the portfolio if i wanted to be strict on the c&c. (this coming from someone who tries to post everything i ever made, lol.)

    3rd: old mortar

    You did the cracks and vegetation here so i am just going to assume you realized what was missing in your house project and moved what was missing in that into new projects?
    Don't hate it but its missing something, hopefully a more skilled individual will come around and mention what might be missing here, kind of don't want to go looking up old mortar designs.  I'd say without doing that i feel like a stack of ammo might be missing, a simple sphere should be pretty easy to do in substance.


    trying to figure out what stone it is, so i'll just say that, otherwise it looks nice.

    I think saying "I am a restless person" doesn't help might be a translation issue, idk if English is your 1st language, i'd change it to excited or somewhere around that word, the other seems like you are tired, if i had to say anything bout that.  If i was to c&c the entire portfolio.

    Nice work, what i'd say is try to focus on one thing 1st, so like on your next project, i hope it is a good one you should focus on each part till it is the very best thing you could do then move onto what ever else is in the scene, Obviously get all the sizing correct 1st and orientations correct then worry about the detailing, like in zbrush or whatever you decide to use and do for the smaller details.

    Maybe log your time management just to get used to that if you are looking for work in any field specifically.
    At the moment it looks like you are searching for "your thing", i'd say the mortar piece looks like you enjoyed it, even if simple and quick in appearance, it seems the most thought out to me.  If you would have put more detailing and attention to the house scene i'd say that is the strongest piece.

    Maybe others see it differently, good luck, hope it helps.
  • Commiesaur
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    Commiesaur triangle
    Warning that I´m not an experienced artist, but these are my general impressions which more experienced people can probably correct.

    First taken overall it´s not clear if you want to be an environment, prop or character artist. You have a little bit of all three but none really carried through to a professional level. 1 environment, 2 props, 2 characters. You need to show consistent mastery of one of those, having a flexible range is only a plus if you have solid expertise in one specialization.

    Mortar seems pretty solid but is lacking a bit of character in the texturing, it all seems very uniform without specific areas of wear. The wood doesn´t feel really organic, solid blocks not planks, grain doesn't feel organic nor does the wear.

    The dog statue has a bit of a fundamental anatomy problem, dogs don´t keep their mouth shut like that with something in it, it hangs open cause their jaw anatomy can´t stick something that big back up and close back up in the front.

    The Japanese House environment could use more elements that show you know everything you need to be an environment artist in production: Trim sheets instead of texturing the whole house model, materials that capture the tiles rather than the whole roof tiles being modeled out like that etc.

    Chaos Marine honestly seems pretty great to me, if meant for a fps or something like that would need to be more detailed, but I think it would be pretty nice for a rts or something like that.
  • MagicAnton
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    MagicAnton polycounter lvl 3
    @DavidCruz Thank you for you review! That help me to keep my work on the right side. Thanks for the time spent to see my art and write your opinion. See ya! 
  • MagicAnton
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    MagicAnton polycounter lvl 3
    @Commiesaur Thank you so much! I think you are on right about wich way take to focus my art on that. Thank you for your opinion and your time! See ya! 
  • d_argolo3d
    Hey, your progress is looking really good :) The difference of quality from your last piece to your first is pretty noticeable(although they don't use the same set of skills).The difference is so big that it is valid considering removing the old ones.
    Have you ever done a mentorship or scholarship? If not, I think that would help you tons considering the last two pieces, they have some good shots and since I'm seeing some room to improve, an actual environment artist could guide you better for the spot you aiming.

    On the art feedback I'll mostly talk about the later one and just do some pointing on the others.

    The Old Mortar:
    It has a solid and great presentation, but there could have some extra medias for it, at least a clean pic of the uv.
    Since the goal it is for games, the importance of a reference can't be stressed enough. When you send your art to recruiters or potential clients, they'll want to know how much you'll be able to fill the role in their projects and no matter how their team are made, the ability of following a reference is a must have.
    About the tech stuff, I'm a character artist but from times to times I get some props/environment tasks and I'll point some things that caught my eye. I'm gonna post a pic guiding some of the things listed below. The ones about uvs you gonna need to check if it is the case since I don't know how they are rn.
    _The sides of the piece it is too triangulated and uv may be weird so my concern was that if you pass it to a hand paint texturer who doesn't use a 3d paint app, the person may get some hard time painting your piece.
    _In the front, there is a beam coming through which supports the big metal tube, the geo is connected so if it was to be animated, that part would have to be remade since the maps were baked in that position.(I hope to explain this better with the image...).
    _Since I don't know what is the limits for the project I can't talk about the poly count but, unless it meant having a destruct animation, a piece without movable parts like this could have fewer triangles.
    For the texturing. It looks really good, the thing that caught my eye was the intersection between parts which makes them look like they are glued, gonna mark it in the image.

    About the others.
    Japanese house: Terrain and vegetation look ok although the match between them is not great; great choice of reference; the house which should be the main subject of the piece has a good shape, but the textures created an uncanny valley situation with the rest of the scenario, also there is some details missing from the reference; there is a light brown ground which I couldn't figure what it was and kinda of breaks the color scheme and therefore breaking immersion;
    Kitsune: Overall is ok but proportions are strange, its engraves aren't framed properly so it looks off; could make a better choice on which detail to focus on, 8k tris for that piece alone is way higher than it should even for an AAA title; material looks ok; it could have put the reference so we could compare;
    War Hammer character: Overall is ok and would fit better as a piece for ar or a prop; it is missing all the arm edge loops to support animation(which could be quickly solved tho);the poly count could be distributed to favor detailed elements; would be good to compare with the reference you used;

    That is all I could see right now, hope more people give you feedback and that you continue to improve :)

  • MagicAnton
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    MagicAnton polycounter lvl 3
    @d_argolo3d Thank you so much ! that can help me a lot, I can see the intersection between parts and realise that you say. In this case was a proyect for a test in a company and I has limit in tris 6K so it was hard to me solve some parts :( 
    I will continue pay attention on the reference and improve whit your advices! Thanks See ya! 
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