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[WIP] Clothes creation practice in Marvelous Designer

Greetings, strangers!

Recently I discovered Marvelous Designer for myself, and I absolutely fell in love with it. I want to have more practice in it, so I decided to take up on a new project which will be mainly focused on clothing creation in Marvelous; however I plan to possibly make small tweaks and adjustments in ZBrush if necessary and after that texture the clothes in Substance Painter for better presentation. 
I chose several heroines from the movies to use their outfits as references for this project. I don't want to spoil just yet what these heroines are; I feel like as I'll be posting their outfits it's gonna be pretty clear who these heroines are. 
I mainly want to use this thread as motivation to make regular progress and help myself to procrastinate less. I hope to post regular updates here, but for now here is a small sneak peek of the mannequin mesh I'll using for all the outfits!
(i know, i know. lots of bloom and lens flares, haha)



  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    Hi all i can try to provide here is some video tutorials on u.t. that i thought the presenter was very informative with her explanations and guidance. 

    There maybe better people out about now, with "shorter things", but something is something.  I like the progress so far.  The answer to some of your issues might be within these series.
  • SpicyKaramel

    Thank you for linking this tutorial, i welcome any help, so i definitely will check it out!
    Sometimes it's pretty annoying to go through the tutorials on YT because they mostly cover the same simple stuff over and over again and it's hard to find ones that are actually informative.

    Also, thanks a lot for liking the progress! I hope to post more updates soon  :) 
  • SpicyKaramel
    UPDATE No_02

    Very small quick update.
    I am still battling the belt for the second outfit. I really dont know what am I doing wrong, it does this weird thing.
    Seam taping and Elastic on the edges dont help whatsoever. I tried Strengthen on the belt parts, it makes the belt keep its shape and stay in place, but I cant get the draping in this case where there should be a knot, so I need to figure out something else.

    Also, *boink*

    I dont understand why the small part goes through the belt. I was trying to do the same trick as Daniel does here (timestamped):
    I followed all the steps to a T but this still happens. I tried this method in both absolutely clean new project and my already exciting project, and it's the same result each time. Not gonna lie, I feel a little bit defeated about it. 
    Oh well, I'll try to power through this somehow.

  • SpicyKaramel
    UPDATE No_03

    I am still battling some of the more complex outfits, but I managed to create these two quick outfits in the meantime! 

    They are from a different batch (you can see that because they are from the Medieval time period, while the previous two outfits were from 19th/20th century), so I will fully finish them up a little bit later. I had few issues with the second dress here: whenever I was freezing something, it would clip through other layers way too much, and then unfreezing would mess up everything, etc.; in some places I couldn't really properly fit the elements; going lower in the particle distance and running the simulation also messes up the layers, so I just let it be as it is. That's why you can see some clipping on the back around the belt. I decided to adjust all the imperfection of the patterns in Zbrush later because I just don't want to waste too much time trying to make the patterns perfect when i can just easily fix that later in Zbrush.

    I'll be honest, even though these dresses are relatively simple, I really enjoyed making those and I reaaally like the outcome! I am definitely very proud of these two!

    Can you guess these characters mmmh?? 

    That's it for now!
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