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Looking For Experienced Animator (Contract Position)

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JunkieKong greentooth
Hey all, figure I'd post here since Polycount is where the OGs hang out. I'm leading the art on a project with a very tiny team making a cute stylised puzzle adventure and we're finally looking to bring an animator on board. It's a remote position and can work from anywhere (most of the team is based in LA but I'm based in New Zealand).

Some requirements -  we want someone who has experience making character animations for games and actually integrating them into Unity (setting up anim trees etc), bonus points for mobile experience. Being able to make your own custom rigs would be a huge plus. It's also likely it won't just be character animation work, but that is the most important aspect.

Does this sound like a bit of you? Check out the full job listing here and see how to apply (Please don't DM me I'm just the artist).

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