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Student, looking for a professional concept artist to answer three short questions for an assignment

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Hello, I’m a student in Australia, currently doing a Diploma in Game Art, and I’m looking for a professional concept artist to answer some questions for an assignment. They are short and sweet, and I hope to hear back from at least 1 of the hundreds of incredible artists here.

All ill need is a place you’ve worked at professionally, and your job there, at the top of your short answer. Thank you.


1: to me, being a specialist environment artist in game development, means you need to have a broad understanding of the general themes of many cultures architectural stylisations, would you agree?

2: sculpting tools, is it worth spending the time to enhance my skills in sculpting as an environment concept artist?

3: is the role of concept artist on the rise in game development or film studios?


Thank you for answering my questions. And I hope to be able to answer these for someone else someday. Cheers. 
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