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Interested in a 3D Model Viewer & Sharing Platform? Try my completely free tool (beta)

Hi all,

Been working on this project for a few months. It’s a web-based 3D model viewer with sharing and management functions. You can annotate the model, edit the background, and save different positions of the model. You can also open in Augmented Reality on iOS devices.

The model can be shared either by embedding it on your website or through a private email invite.

I developed this tool as an experimental alternative to lengthy back-and-forths between modellers and clients/non-3D background stakeholders. Thinking of implementing greater asset management features and version control for 3D models. (similar to GitHub)

It’s in beta right now and 100% free, so I’d appreciate any feedback!

So far it only supports .glb files under 100MB in size, but I’m definitely looking to increase support for different file types. If you have a .gltf file, I recommend using the packer here: https://sbtron.github.io/makeglb/

Access it here at: www.coreality.ai


Annotate your Model

Set your Background

Save Camera Positions

Share with Others

Access it here at: www.coreality.ai


  • DavidCruz
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    DavidCruz interpolator
    I am curious since you are developing one, how can you prevent the models from being ripped out?

    Long rant explanation and my views on these viewers:
    Think that is the biggest "flaw" and issue surrounding more users participating in the web-gl viewers now a days.  Back in the day, i really like the idea of the video/gif (or whatever it was combination) where you could rotate and all that stuff and safely present your works without having to worry bout who's trying to take it out of the viewer.  (think the issue there was file sizes and load times but secure as secure can be seems more viable to the presenter). I think afaik sketchfab solved this recently with an update to their viewer, idk what they did but for yours if its easy to do this, idk i dont do that stuff, then maybe worth a "security feature", to look into it.  Hope it helps, idk if you thought of this with the share/download feature.  
    Speaking for myself i do not see myself utilizing any viewer in the foreseeable future, i'd like to but months of work down the drain really sucks, then add someone else profiting from it to add an extra layer of dread.

    Thanks for sharing though.
  • coreality_dev
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    Very valid point. It's still on my to-do but encryption is top of my priority right now. That should solve the issue of having models ripped out from the site.

    If you would like to give it a whirl, you could try uploading something non-sensitive first to have a look and feel of the features, but no pressure!
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