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Stylized Bunsen Burner - C&C are welcome

Hey everyone! This is my first post on polycount so if I make a mistake posting this. Don't hesitate to let me know -Thx


I'm still learning how to do 3D modeling and I created this Bunsen burner based on a concept art from Guild Wars 2 (First Picture). I've been learning about substance painter, blender, and Unreal Engine for almost a year now.

I would enjoy feedback of what I could do to improve this or what needs fixing. Thanks in advance


  • Kanni3d
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    Kanni3d ngon master
    Hah, i immediately recognized this as some Asura tech before I read your post and realized it was from GW2. Is this somewhere in Rata Sum or something? I've never came across it in my 9 years of playing lol.

    Nice work so far - watch its scale especially when you are rendering it in an HDRI/skybox like that, it looks insanely huge rather than handheld - unless it's an enormous building sized bunsen burner?
  • AkkeeArtist1991
    This isn't within the game but more like a concept I wanted to model. For the size, yes it does seem quite huge so I will adjust that so it can be handheld.

    Thank you for the input btw. :3
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