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[W.I.P] Post-Apocalyptic School Environment - UE5

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Hi Everyone!

I'm a beginner in environment art and this is my first environment in Unreal Engine and it's definitely true that I bit more than I can chew with this project but I love it and already learned a lot from it since I started. 

My main goal is to learn how to use Unreal Engine and to practice lighting and composition, so as for materials I mainly use Bridge materials and assets.
About the environment the goal was to create an abandoned, post apocalyptic school which is slowly getting reclaimed by nature. It's still needs a lot of work mainly with the vegetation and lighting to get the result I want.

I would be really glad to get some feedback mainly about lighting and composition but any conctructive criticism is greatly appreciated!
The post will be updated as I progress with the environment!


  • Dodyy
    Hi everyone!

    I got some really good feedback about the lighting which got me thinking. So I changed the lighting and the camera angles to get a more pleasing result.
    I was also working on smaller details and the vegetation to finally achieve that abandoned look but it's still far from the final form.
    I'm quiet happy with these results and can't wait to post the final results!

    Still, any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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