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Hey all, we're looking for a rigger to come help us work on Tom Clancy's Heartland! If this sounds like you, or someone you know shoot them our way. Red Storm has been around a long time and is an absolutely fantastic company to work for.

We're looking to expand the tech art team so you'll be working directly with tech art!



Red Storm is looking for a highly motivated Character Rigger/TA who has experience with Maya rigging/scripting, along with a strong understanding of human anatomy and realistic deformation. At Red Storm Technical Artists are challenged to rig, automate processes through tool development, and ensure optimal performance and look in game engines.

  • Set up and maintain character (humans & animals) rigs and systems.

  • Work with art group to develop models that meets technical requirements.

  • Work with animation group to create artist-friendly rigs that satisfy animation/gameplay needs.

  • Design and set up character dynamics (i.e. cloth, hair).

  • Develop new techniques and processes to further advance quality/realism.

  • Work with directors and production to identify/prioritize tasks.


  • Minimum 2 years’ of production experience in game or film/vfx field, with strong understanding of Maya and Python or other scripting languages

  • In-depth knowledge of character/prop rigging technique and principles.

  • Experience with character pipelines - modeling, rigging and animation

  • Familiarity with using game engines

  • Strong troubleshooting skills and the ability to find pragmatic solutions.

  • Proven ability to be self-sufficient and take initiative to seek answers and address issues.

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