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Type: Permanent position, 40h per week

Starts: September 2021

Location: Canada only


You will join the team working on the studio’s first title: Beneath Oresa. As an experienced environment artist at a small independent studio you will be responsible for the creation of high quality art assets and complete levels built into the heavily stylised art style of the game.


  • Design the different levels in collaboration with the concept artist and the art director

  • Produces stylized assets and materials for the environment

  • Work with the art director to make sure the art stays true to the art direction

  • Work on the lighting and special effects of the environment

Skills & Qualifications

  • 2+ years of professional game development experience

  • Experience in producing stylized art asset for game title is an asset

  • Post secondary education in art, animation or a related field

Technical Skills

  • Excellent understanding of art and visual communication fundamentals

  • Knowledge of 2D and 3D art software

  • Knowledge of Blender in particular is an asset

  • Knowledge of lighting and VFX is an asset

  • Knowledge of Unity

  • Ability to adapt one’s own style to the art direction

  • Knowledge of the Substance suite is an asset

Salary & Benefits

  • 30$/h - 40h/week

  • 4 weeks paid vacation

  • Flexible hours

About the studio

We’re a new Montreal independent studio created by three passionate friends with a solid professional experience. Since we delivered our first prototype - financed by the CMF - we’ve been working on the game production version.

Our relatively small team is looking for self-sufficient versatile people. In addition, we’ve endured crunch periods and don't want that at Broken Spear, we reject all abusive/unethical work practices. We’re working hard to create a healthy work atmosphere where everyone can be at their best.

Even if we’re currently working remotely, we’re looking exclusively for people living in Quebec with a strong inclination for Montrealers, to facilitate in person meetings.

[email protected]


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