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Hello everyone

I share my showreel with game animations hoping for some feedback!!!

Feel free to express your thoughts!!!  


  • Lukes3D
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    Lukes3D triangle

    There's nothing really wrong with the animations themselves.. but you might want to think about showcasing characters with more "complex" animations.

    Take a look at these reels



    The anime stuff is great for showcases since they usually have tons of exaggerated acrobatic movement. I think that's what employers want to see, since it really challenges the animators ability. Lots of high quality, high intensity movement. A faster upbeat song would help as well.

    Instead of showcasing npcs basic walk, attack, idles, etc. Feature whole scenes like two enemies fighting, or a long complex attack animation.

    The character at 2:14 looks to be the best animation. Put him in front. You don't want want a basic idle animation to be the first that gets shown..

    Also, I don't think the lady singing is really enough..

  • arahmitz
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    arahmitz polycounter lvl 3

    While it's true, isn't it quite funny that you get hired and then you're back to doing walks, attacks, idles and blends?

    I generally think that it's really an important thing to challange urself, but if you look for a job that consists of doing many variations of these basics shouldn't a showcase of different styles of these basics be okay? At least for the "body" of the portfolio. "Head" should be the best animation and "Feet" should be like another great animation so it'll be remembered.

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