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[CONTRACT BASIS] Mitrech is hiring a 3D Artist to produce 3D Medical Animations

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Looking for a 3D Artist to join our team and produce 3D medical animations! Position is remotely.

We’re looking for another 3D Artist to join our team and help with producing realistic and exciting 3D medical animations. You should be able to read and fully understand the storyboards presented to you, visualize the animation based solely on reference images and specific instructions set by the Art Director, then set up the scenes, light them and animate them accordingly.
You’ll be working either by yourself or together with a colleague, depending on the project’s complexity and length.

- Great eyes for composition and color.
- You’re able to achieve realistic fidelity, both in looks and animations.
- Medium modeling skills; even though you won’t be creating the assets you’re going to use, you should be able to quickly create minor assets that should exist within your scenes.
- Creative mind which will help you follow and understand storyboards and verbal instructions as to how the animations should look like and what the action and pace of the animation should feel like.
- Must be working in Blender. Other 3D software won’t be considered as the projects will go down the line to your colleagues and they need to be compatible to the software we’re using.
- Very good English speaker. All communication will be done in English so speaking the language is crucial.
- Meet deadlines.

Working hours:
Specific working hours won’t apply, so it’s a very flexible program. We don’t really care how much and when you work, as long as you finish your tasks and meet the deadlines.

We're offering $60/day. Payments will be made monthly based on the number of days worked within that month.

How to Apply:
Send your portfolio at radumitroi@mitrech.com

Take a look here to get an idea of the work we're doing:

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