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[FREELANCE BASIS] Mitrech is looking for a 3D Props Artists

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We're looking for a 3D Props Artist who's able to join our projects on a freelance basis. Your job will mainly be to texture already modeled and UV unwrapped 3D assets, and render images with those assets. The rendered images will be used as product's preview images. You should have a great understanding of texturing game ready assets in a PBR workflow; be comfortable rendering good looking images out of those assets using Blender; and be able to use Photoshop to bring those renders to their final output.

- Proficiency using Substance Painter.
- Great understanding of how baking assets works.
- Texture the given assets realistically and as close to reality as possible.
- Use Cycles to render product images out of those assets.
- Use Photoshop to add the final touches on those product images.
- Excellent communication skills. Must be an advanced English speaker.

Working hours:
There's no defined working hours. This is a remote job. You work whenever it's best for you!

We will be paying you $33/day. Payment is done at the end of the month or at the end of the project (if the project's shorter than a month's time span).

Expected quality:
Check the attached images to see the level of quality we will be expecting.

How to apply:
Send your portfolio over at [email protected]

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