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So, any of you still play Quake 3/Live or even QuakeWorld?

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Iwazaruk7 polycounter lvl 2
I do, more than ever. In fact, i started playing Q3 online with actual people only around 2015, and started playing high-demanding modes like Clan Arena or Duel around a year ago. Still a newbie, but enjoying it pretty much.

I'm also always hungry to discover new interesting maps. Still amazed what people do. Especially if we talk about Defrag maps. This is art:
(in fact, these two are for Quake II. Mind blowing.)

Also, Polycount, don't forget your roots ;) 


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    welbot discord admin

    I remember the good ol days of playing Q2, Q3, lithium and rocket arena with a bunch of polycounters. Good times. I do play Quake champions every now and then these days. I have recently been thinking of perhaps setting up some kind of event over in our discord to play some games. If enough people are interested, I could try and organize something :)

  • Iwazaruk7
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    Iwazaruk7 polycounter lvl 2

    I just stick to QuakeLive and/or QuakeWorld. Haven't had much time to play lately, though.


    Recent remaster of Quake 1 is fine for somewhat more casual play.

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