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How can I make a simple tileable texture to follow the edges / shape of the 3D model?

Hi all!

I'm trying to improve and ease the way I create the textures for my 3D models and as a point of reference, I'm looking to achieve this level of realism:

The issue I'm facing right now is that I can't find a way to tile a texture to follow the UV island's shape.

For the last few days, I was and am still working on low poly models so that every change that comes to my mind to get the desired results won't make me spend more time than needed to make those edits.

I tried to:
  • Shape the UVs differently, but I got stretched textures or wobbly-looking lines resulting in not much success, as seen below:
  • Use nanomesh and then to reproject the details, but the nanomesh would either shrink or expand near the neck area:
  • Make a pattern brush inside of Illustrator which turned out good at first glance, but looking closely, the texture (4K) would get very pixelated once the path line gets curved. I also made an image-traced vector of that image which resulted in a crispier path line, but the program would crash due to many paths being created at the same time (Left - The image I want to use; Middle - The image used as a pattern brush; Right - The image image-traced and then the resulted vector used as a pattern brush):
  • Use the Warp tool from Photoshop, which helped me to some degree, but the final texture would get squeezed around the shoulder area and stretched just under the chest -- it didn't look natural.

I hope I made my request clear enough and I'd love to get some suggestions from you on how I should approach this. If you have any other ideas, the model/polycount/topology and the UV can be changed without a problem, meaning there are no constraints about any of those.

Thank you very much!


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