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3D Artists and Animators - Hardcore Survival Indie Project

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Hello, My name is Alex! We are looking to expand our team with a couple more 3d artists and Animators. We have a team of around 9 people currently and are working on a hardcore survival game. 

The game itself is going to be centered around surviving against the Environment. The setting is in the Alaskan Mountains and you are a new settler looking to build a nice home on some land. Your goal is to be able to harvest and obtain materials and resources throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall for the harsh winters that lie ahead. This will include keeping your warmth, having enough food and water, and of course having some sort of shelter to protect you. Unlike a big majority of Survival Games, we actually intend to make the environment your biggest enemy, instead of something like a monster/zombie, or other people. We also intend to have many features that have not really been seen or used in the survival game market to date.

Our team is a group of really nice, and well-rounded individuals from the United States and Europe. And everyone in the team has a special talent that is really adding to the environment and growth of our game. 

We are currently around 3 months into development so far and have made very great progress on the base game mode and functions. And every day there is something new that has been added.

Currently, we are looking for more 3d artists to join our project. You can use any software that you are comfortable with, and that you own the proper licenses with. And below you will see a list of things that we are currently looking for the most and a few requirements that we prefer. 

What we are looking for:
People who can model; Environmental assets, Animals, and things such as Tools, Primitive Buildings and Equipment, Etc.
People who can Animate; Characters and Animals
People who can use photoshop; Mainly to create UI design, Main Menu Design, etc.

We are also looking for all sorts of other positions, those above are merely just the main ones right now. 

- Must be able to communicate via English (Either be able to read and write, or speak)
- Must have a discord
- Must own the software that you use, and have the proper license for it

If you are interested to learn more or be able to communicate about this, please send me a DM of your discord username and I will add you at the most convenient time.

Thank you


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