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[UE5] [WIP] Sci-Fi Quarry Environment

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Hi everyone, I'll be documenting my work on a new environment project in this thread. I've been away from Polycount for a while, so I hope this will be a good start to being active in the community again.

This project is something I've been wanting to work on for a while now. I'm hoping by the end that it can replace an older similar scene in my portfolio. Currently I'm still blocking out the scene and testing out different ideas to see what feels right. I'm keeping the development process very fluid since I'm not using a specific concept image as a main reference. Comments and critique are welcome! 

A few notes: The cliff meshes are all Quixel megascan assets. The humanoid model is a free Paragon character from the Unreal Marketplace, it is being used as a scale reference. The neon signs I'm testing out are purchased assets. I can provide a link to them if anyone is interested.


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