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Question about certain World / Terrain Creation Software

Hi, I'm Uber. I'm new to the PolyCount forum and I heard it was a good place to follow 3d modelling. I hope questions are allowed here.

I am a novice 3d modeler that is working with Unreal Engine and Cinema 4D (and Blender too) and I have a question about certain software. 

Recently I have taken an interest in landscape and terrain creation software such as World Machine and World Creator, as well as QuadSpinner Gaea, and I'm just not sure which one is the best for what I wish to do with it. For the most part, I wish to use the landscaping program in hopes of creating realistic results that I can use for VFX. I was thinking World Creator, but I'm not so sure. Right now it's down to WM vs WC for me.

For me, make or break is the feature set and capability to get realistic renders. (Texturing is always a nice feature too)

Was also thinking Houdini, but it's very expensive.

Could I have guidance on which is the best one for me?


  • Alex_J
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    Alex_J veteran polycounter
    I've used them all and I recommend World Creator because it is the most artist friendly. 

    You said you want realistic renders, I am not sure you mean that you want to render within the software or you are sending it somewhere else to render, like Unreal of C4D. You posted in the Unreal subsection so I assume you mean to send the landscape to Unreal? 

    In any case, I recommend World Creator. It just makes the work faster and easier. Integration with Unreal is simple and there is comprehensive and beginner friendly tutorials on youtube. 
  • poopipe
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    poopipe high dynamic range
    I like Gaea a lot because it's extremely fast - it is limited in some ways 
    World machine is extremely powerful but it's clunky and awkward
    I find Houdini to be a lot of overhead and work to get similar results to cheaper dedicated tools  - If I had to generate  hundreds of assets I would probably use it

    usually I use substance designer  - I have a lot of custom tools built so it's not something you can really do out of the box. 

    I'd take Alex_Js advice. on this
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