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[FINISHED] [UE5] Shock Therapy

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RustedFaith3d triangle
Here is my completed Asylum scene. I had to call it complete and move on to another project, but I'd sincerely love to hear your comments and crits on it, because I'm really trying to be the best artist I can be, and any input is invaluable to me. This project was mainly intended to be a prop showcase.

Here is a short animation of the scene.


  • Zott
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    Zott polycounter lvl 4
    Hey, nice work! I like the composition of the main shot here, it'd be cool to have a couple more angles to show off the props and such. I think you could add more contrast to the lighting you already have and use some more volumetric fog to separate the two rooms. This looks abandoned but since the lights are still on, you could make the x-ray light-table thing light up, to further draw the focus towards the therapy room and it could create some nice rim lighting on the operating chair and the overhead operating light models.

    I also see the bits of debris on the floor but otherwise, the floor plane looks very much like a plane, maybe you could model a couple simple floor tiles and lift them up a bit or just find ways to get some more interesting shadows on the floor. I made a simple draw over to help explain the lighting things I'd enhance, the first one is the original as the edits are fairly subtle. Hope this helps :+1:
  • RustedFaith3d
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    RustedFaith3d triangle
    Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it! I agree with you 100% on the floor. I should have gone in and removed some tiles, raised a few up etc. I originally had the X-ray viewer on and it looked good, but I felt like it drew too much attention away from the chair, which was the main focus.
  • RustedFaith3d
  • Larry
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    Larry interpolator
    Agree for the lighting, I would personally replace the front light to fluorescent white-blue lamps and reduce the intensity, then increase the lighting pointing at the chair, making it a warm color. The way it is set up right now, my eyes go left in the wheelchair then on the 'withering oaks' sign, and then on the door, before the main chair. 

    I understand about the floor but for me it's fine, it could benefit from some dents for contrast but overall, dust reduces contrast, so it's ok

    Good job overall :)
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