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Stylized Gradient Slider Inspired by Valorants Shading

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Rangaros polycounter lvl 5
You can make a cool gradient slider like the one they made in this post by using curves

The post:


  • Rhemi_
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    Awesome Work! Is there anyway you can show the process for making the shader? Thanks!

  • ixrob
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    ixrob polycounter lvl 10
    so, how does this work ?
  • poopipe
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    poopipe grand marshal polycounter
    The maths are explained in the linked article.  

    it's a simple texture lookup (gradient map) based on light contribution - i.e dot(light direction, surface normal) 

    the nice thing here is that rangaros has used curve assets instead of textures to define the gradients. This replaces the engine modification described in the article anbd lets the artist piss around with the values in realtime. 

    I'm now gonna steal that idea for something I'm working on so I'm glad this bubbled up to the surface

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