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Animation from Blender is messed up when imported into UE4

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HammerB polycounter lvl 9
Hi, as the title says, I have an asset animated with bones in Blender, asset has it's uvs/smoothing groups and both the asset and the armature have all the transformations applied before the FBX exporting. It's my first time animating, so I don't know what am i missing.
Animation with no errors in Blender (GIF): https://gyazo.com/1440a533db83c67717fcc0e7289dde58

But when i import it and previsualize it in Unreal, then this happens (GIF) https://gyazo.com/03d9b0472594591494529a986994ad8f
I made other assets that gave me no problem prior to this one, and i honestly don't know how to fix it
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