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Stylized Lambert Shader in UE4 with Valorant Gradient Tool Coloring

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I started learning more about shaders in UE4 after trying to recreate a toon shader similar to BOTW, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, and Genshin Impact. Recently I came across
these articles, one from Riot talking about the shaders they use for Valorant and one from Valve on how they did the TF2 shading:

I recreated these materials in UE4 so far using only the material editor and a line of HLSL shader code in a custom node. When I have time over the next few days and weeks I will add more to this post such as a breakdown and how I went about making it. My goal with this post is to help people trying to create more stylized shaders in UE4 with some resources and breakdowns since there isn't really a lot of information on how to make stylized shaders or they are extremely complicated. I hope to maybe even have this post be in the Polycount wiki for UE4 shaders as a resource as well. Anyone that has any questions or corrections to anything please ask/add them.

A lot of my resources came from Unity and looking at documentation, shader code, and shader graphs and implementing the theory and math with UE4's material editor.

These are all using the unlit shading model


I also have a Blinn Phong that has it's specular mapped to an HDRI like Riots but I need to get it ready for presentation and make sure it's working how I want. These Lamberts ambient color is also being faked right now but I have one that samples the ambient color from and HDRI as well.

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