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info about HDRP in Unity and what does it really do?

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decorix polycounter lvl 9

I'm new to Unity and trying to understand how this  HDRP effects my scene.

I have currently setup HDRP render pipeline in Unity and I'm wondering if this
also effects my textures? Do you need to have like Albedo/Normal/MaskMap to see
any visual improvements? Of course good textures and the use Albedo/normal/maskmap
and the  HDRP material will improve the look, but has nothing to with HDRP. Can anybody confirm this?

Personally I think the improvements and good lighting/Postprocess will improve
your scene and that's using the HDRP Pipeline is this correct?

Basicly what I'm asking what does HDRP really add to scene? and do i need these textures to get improvements?

Thanks for info.



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