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[Finished] Sci-fi Woman

Hi!! This is a thread for a project I'm starting. I've been wanting to experiment with some new things. I'm pretty used to stylized 3d characters but I usually don't use a lot of some more realistic proportions and that's what I'm looking for with this one. I'm a making a sci-fi woman. It's something out of what I'm used to so I'm expecting to learn a few things while working on it. I'm planning on finishing it by sunday or middle of next week. I've already started the hi-poly on Blender. There are some proportions I want to adjust but I'm pretty satisfied with what I'm getting. I've made a couple of different hairs but I'm definitely using the second one cause I think the first is a little bit too generic.

I've already made some retopology and uvs. I've made everything completely straight and vertical for the hair's uvs to be easier to make the anisotropic map.
Once I finish all the low poly and uvs I'm bringing to Substance Painter for the baking.
Any feedback is welcomed. :smiley:


  • willianfreitas
    Just finished and posted the final renders on Artstation. I loved working on it. It was a pretty quick project just to test some new things out. I got just the result I was looking for. I found a new and a lot easier way of making anisotropic map for hairs and I loved the results I can get with this technique. I've made a timelapse of the whole sculpting and texturing and I'll probably make a tutorial on making anisotropic hair on Substance Painter. Feel free to share any feedbacks.

    Check the Artstation post here.

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