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Game Artist - 3D game ready assets and Concept Art

Hello there,
I'm a Concept, Character and prop artist looking for work  

I'm looking for positions that are Full-time or Contract

My skillset and experience:

-3DS Max
-Substance Painter
-Photoshop / Procreate
-Unreal Engine 4 (currently experimenting with 5 as well)
- Perforce
- Hansoft
- Slack

I can adjust to new 3D modeling and texture packages where required

- 3D Modeling and sculpting: High and Low poly as well as game ready optimization
- UV unwrapping, texel density consistency, UV space optimization, Material IDs and UDIMs and using rectangular UVs
- Textures: Baking, clean up with experience in both PBR procedural and Stylized hand painted

- Concept Art: Early exploration thumbnails to full concepts with turnarounds and illustrations

Masters in Interactive Technology, Game Design: Art Creation from SMU Guildhall (Cohort 29)
Bachelors in Fine Arts, Painting Major

Work Samples: 

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