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Looking for 3D Environment and SpeedTree Vegetation Artists for our Medieval Fantasy RPG

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Project Description:
On an isolated island tormented by monsters and magical horrors, a shipwreck survivor must quell an ancient god who threatens to rise again and wipe out the island’s inhabitants.
We’re working on a medieval fantasy RPG project. 
With Unreal Engine 5 finally available in Early Access, we’re looking to scale up our Environment Art team!
The Gothic II and The Witcher 3 games are the main inspiration for this game, so knowing them, or even being a fan of them is obviously an advantage, but by no means required. 

Talent Required:
Remote Freelance 3D Environment Artist
Job description: https://mysteriastudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/MysteriaStudio_3DEnvironmentArtist.pdf 

Remote Freelance SpeedTree Vegetation Artist
Job Description: https://mysteriastudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/MysteriaStudio_SpeedTreeVegetation_Artist.pdf

We're looking for volunteers for both positions.
Please specify in your application Email to [email protected] that you are applying for a volunteer position.
Volunteers get paid 50$ / month to cover their software licensing costs.  
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