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Weird Baking issue - Small prop requires huge Texel density for clean bake and texture

Hey guys i am currently working on a Art test for a Prop and i am having this weird texel density issue. It's quite a small prop compared to a Human scale. It's 30CM tall and 25 CM Width and Depth. I was told to use Maya 2019 and Painter 2019 and one 1024 Map. The asset seems to require atleast 20 - 30 Pixels per unit for 1024 map to get clean bakes else the texture and the bake looks blurry and Aliased. Initially i tried to use 10.24 Pixels per unit for a 1024 Map inside maya which a lot of current AAA games use i was able to fit the whole prop inside 0 - 1 space with proper UV packing, When i baked the asset it was very blurry. I used UV Texel Density generator inside Painter 2019 to check TD and with 10.24 Pixels per unit i am getting a color value of Reddish orange, The color goes green only if i increase the TD to 25 - 30 Pixels per unit. Which is higher than 2 times the required TD and with this TD i cannot fit the asset inside 0 - 1 even with overlapping UV's. I tried other baking tools like Designer, Toolbag, Maya transfer maps, Blender all of them give me same result.
On the other hand i have another prop which is 10 - 15 times bigger than this and uses a texel density of 4.7 Pixels per unit for a 2048 Map with mirrored UV's and i get clean bakes and good TD. When i checked the UV Texel density generator inside Painter it's full green with no Red which is a good TD.

I don't know what causing this weird issue for such a small asset. Can anyone please shed some light on this and help me fix this issue? I cannot share any screenshots as it's an Art test. Tried every possible solution nothing worked for me. I checked the scale of the asset looks correct, I Even exported the mesh from substance to check the scale and it was in correct scale. What could really be the issue?



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