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labeeb triangle
Hello Everyone I am a self learned 3D artist interested in Environment Art for the past 3 years, I have been doing some freelance work but have not worked at a studio which is what I would want to do eventually. Here is my portfolio, I would appreciate if I could get some feedback from a hiring point of view:

You might consider it too small, reason is I have a very hard time deciding what to make, so if I can get some advice in that too that would be great.


  • Korbology
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    Korbology polycounter lvl 2
    Not a professional, but I think your work looks pretty good. There are a few things that might be holding you back if your  goal is to work at a studio though.

    The first thing I'd say is that you have two distinct styles on your portfolio and a good rule of thumb is to build your portfolio around the studios you want apply to. For example, if you want to work at Blizzard keep the stylized stuff, but if you want to work at Naughty Dog keep the realistic stuff. This could also help with giving you ideas for projects since you said you struggle with that. Look at your favorite studios' levels and use those as inspiration and measuring sticks for your own work.

    You also have a lot of props and materials on your portfolio, but if you want to work as an environment artist you'll want to keep those as "behind the scenes" images for your full environments which are what should stand front and center.

    Now to critique the art pieces themselves, I'd say your farmhouse and factory are your strongest, and the mountain lake would be great, but could use some work compared to the mountains of other AAA titles. Really texturing is what you should probably focus on most because I notice some things like the sand bags in the factory look a bit flat and "last gen" as well.

    Otherwise great work! With a few months of focusing your portfolio and adding new environments, I'll bet you're close to landing that first job!
  • labeeb
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    labeeb triangle
    Thanks I honestly did not knew most of that stuff.
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