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[Paid] Anime Style Artist for Slide show animation

polycounter lvl 3
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moliminous polycounter lvl 3
looking for someone to mimic a video style like this involving two characters on-screen (instead of the one female): 

it will be two drawn characters overlayed on top of real photography. 
the example uses 97 pictures varying between half fulls and partials. the final number is likely to be a lot smaller, but this should be the base you think about while priceing. 

the art style should be sketchy only slightly refined, almost like you're looking into a sketchbook that was colored with only the colors a person might have on hand in class. The detail shouldn't be overly done and fit a more lofi aesthetic 

Video editing isn't required as it can be compiled by our normal editors, though will be a bonus we'd be willing to pay for. 
if this is something you're able to do or intrested in, then go ahead and shoot us an email with your portfolio and your idea of pricing: [email protected]
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