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[Blender] Stuttering grass animation

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IgnacJerema polycounter lvl 3

Hello Polycounters!

     I am currently working on my project which includes 5s animation. Everything seemed to work fine during the viewport animation, but unfortunately after rendering it turned out to be a problem with the grass animation. I will describe my way of thinking so that we can determine what the problem may be.

     I figured the best way to create animated grass would be to create a particle system with grass objects. To animate it I turned hair dynamics in particle system and used Force snaped to rotating circle.

     I wanted my animation to be 5 seconds long in 30fps, so I rendered 150 frames and combine them into mp4
  • Rendered grass is looking like it would have less frames than the one from viewport, I quess. Also I do use denoising in composition nodes but I have no clue if that has anything to do with it.

  • Here are my render settings:
     What do you think, what did I do wrong or I could do better? All hints are welcome.

Thank YOU to everyone who is here to help! Cheers!


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