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OssennaAsterisk polycounter lvl 2
Hello everyone! I've recently been invited to an interview for a BAFTA games art scholarship. I'm a first-year at the University of Hertfordshire studying 3D Games Art and Design, and would really appreciate any tips or advice on what to expect.

I feel like this is very different to a Uni placement interview, or a job interview, as I'm not entirely sure where to put my efforts into preparation! 

Any tips are greatly appreciated.



  • Eric Chadwick
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    I would suggest reading all you can about the scholarship program, with an eye towards what they expect from those who receive it. Then tailor your answers towards what their ideal student is. Similar advice for a games job interview, learn all you can about them, and use that knowledge in your interview process.

    The rest of the advice would be typical interview advice, which we have good links for, see the sticky.
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