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I'm brand new to the 3D modeling field. I feel I've got a pretty decent grasp of the basics but my skill level could be considered Pre School at best. Everyone starts out as a beginner, right?

I'm looking for advice on how to approach my most recent project. It's a football helmet. It seemed basic enough until I tried to block the shape out. My initial idea was to start with a sphere, split it up then move the bottom vertices to get the shape I'm looking for. It's not working out the way I'd hoped, unfortunately.

I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice.


  • kanga
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    Hi Rabbit
    Modelling questions can be posted here: https://polycount.com/categories/technical-talk
    There are lots of different ways to model this so the best strategy is to question google. Put youtube at the end of your request. If you post this in the tech forum its a good idea to mention the soft you are using as well.
    People generally dont click on download links so you can post an image with your question by choosing it in the post menu.
  • sacboi
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    Following on from Kanga's advice, I'd also suggest digging into the PC wiki and as a bonus tip look-up 'subdivided cube' which via my own experience they're more useful too work with when modeling spherical objects. 
  • Alex_J
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    im not a very good modeler but when i had to do hats and helmets in the past i started from a human base mesh and use quad draw to draw the basic shape on the head and then extrude out from there. Just helps me get proportions and shape right as it gives me a "known" to start from (since we know it has to fit on a head)
  • Eric Chadwick
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    Welcome to Polycount. Moving this to Technical Talk.
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