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Fan video for Zbrush

Hello to all Zbrush fans

My name is Denis and recently I became interested in this program, and I was first of all impressed by the result that those who use Zbrush get, projects, 3d models are obtained at the highest level!

In this article I will not reveal the program itself, because I am not a sculpting specialist, I am only at the beginning of the journey. Having no art education and no experience in computer graphics, I am trying to break into the world of 3D graphics.

At this stage, there was a great desire to create a fan video for you, the fans of this program.

The task was to make an easy video that would appeal to both experienced users, and, perhaps, will interest those who are just making a decision about choosing a program, since this choice is actually very difficult for beginners.

And, taking a moment, I want to give advice to those who are only interested in 3D graphics:

1) Pay enough attention to what exactly you want to do, this is a very important point, take a sheet of paper, a pen and write down the areas in which 3D graphics are involved, this is architectural visualization, character animation, film industry, game design, motion graphics, sculpture is where Zbrush is number one! There are many more areas where 3D software is used, better do your research.

2) Tool selection is a 3D program, you need to select it according to the first item, for example, if the sculpture is definitely Zbrush.

3) After you have completed some kind of introductory course on the program, you need to highlight some one direction, will it be acceptable to create characters or game assets, create scenery, etc. This will allow you to quickly become an expert in one direction and develop your skills in the future! I would like to say a lot more, but this article is not about that!

Now I want to share how I create a fan video for Zbrush, the video is not ready yet, I am in the process and would like to hear your opinion.

And so we went:

The main thing in any business is the Idea, this is what leads to some kind of action, the idea was not to reveal the entire functionality of the program, since 20 seconds is not enough for this.

Key video ideas:

1) Show what can be done with this program

2) Show some tools

3) Show that Zbrush is # 1 in sculpture.

I made the script the way I see it in my head, translated everything into text form. Making the job even easier

I selected a music track for the video, since the music accompaniment sets the style in which the video will be, dynamic or calm, you should not rush into the choice of music, because if in the future you have to change the track, then you need to adjust the entire video to the music, stopped at what something average, let's say an easy version!

Then I started to create 3D scenes, I got them 9. At first I did everything simply and primitively, so that the general picture of the video appeared. After some changes, I started to animate the camera and objects, this is one of the most difficult steps in my work. After that, I completed the scenes, filling them with full-fledged 3D models, then chose the appropriate colors and painted objects in the scenes, this is still an intermediate option, there is still a lot of work ahead, I will try to attach a couple of scenes to the article. I would be grateful if you read the article and wrote your opinion! You can write in the comments your short history of how you came to the 3D realm.

I wish everyone development and success in their projects!

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