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Checkpoint Studios is looking for a 3D Character Modeling Artist

Checkpoint Studios is looking for a character artist to take on the task of creating characters for our upcoming game. We are a recently founded group creating a realistic style, tactical FPS.


  • Good communication skills in English
  • Knowledge and experience with either Blender, 3Ds Max or Maya (must have your own license if you are using either of the latter two)
  • Experience and efficiency with Substance Painter
  • Experience and knowledge of all aspects of Character Design:
    • Modelling or Sculpting
    • Rigging and Skinning
    • Texturing


  • Ability to adapt to a new design pipeline and use prior knowledge to help perfect it
  • Creative participation and communication of your ideas to bring more flavor to our plans
  • All models optimized to be within the target triangle counts
  • Legal ability to sign profit share agreements and contracts
  • Long term availability and dedication to the project


  • Experience working on an FPS or similar style game in the past
  • Animating experience
    • First person arms with shooting animations based on provided references and technical explanations of how guns are operated
    • Full character animations

Our team so far:

  1. Systems Programmer
  2. Gameplay Programmer
  3. 3D Artist (High detail gun design)/Level Designer
  4. 3D Modeler (Low detail gun design and props)
  5. 3D Modeler (High detail gun design)
  6. 3D Modeler (High detail gun design)

The financial aspect of this project is slightly complicated, but you will be offered a revenue sharing agreement. Our goal is a small and efficient team, which will allow each member a larger share of profit. We are NOT looking for someone who expects a payment for every unit of work, such as per model! This is a team, so all members can contribute to the project plan with ideas from their respective visions. Advice, expertise, and creative ideas are welcome to promote the improvement of our project.

If you would like to join us please respond below using one of the contact methods. Discord is the fastest method to reach us. Don't forget to link your portfolio if you have one! Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

Add me on Discord: Muzzle_Blast#5189 (preferred), send an email to [email protected], or message us here on Polycount.

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