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Finished Renders- help me make them better

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Hello everyone!
I feel I've gotten better in 2021 but still need tips on how to improve. These were made in Blender+Photoshop.
I'd like tips on composition, lighting and overall quality of artworks. Thanks!


  • PhilippSch
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    PhilippSch polycounter lvl 2
    Not quite my area of expertise, but I'll try my best.
    I really like the 2nd render. With the light in the middle, it has a lot of depth and contrast and the snow gives the picture a good dynamic. The other two are pretty good too, but they kind of miss something in my opinion. They are a bit flat because there are not many contrasts. And I think the dust/fog over the whole picture increases this effect. Next to this in the 3rd render the focal point is at the same distance as the whole background and there is no depth after that. So everything has the same level of sharpness and nothing really stands out.
    Still cool work and the night forest scene is great in my opinion!
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