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Should One buy Substance Designer 2021 while still on Steam?

polycounter lvl 13
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Axcel polycounter lvl 13
Hi there,

Substance Designer  2021 (£78) and Substance 3D Painter 2021 (£78) are on Steam to buy.

What is your opinion about these programs becoming subscription only?
Is it advised to buy them on Steam asap? How much time do we have left?

Steam license offers 1 year of free updates, am I correct?
1 yr subscription for Painter + Designer + Sampler is £176.40

Thanks for any comments,


  • Jerc
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    Jerc interpolator
    The Steam license is tied to a calendar year, so buying the 2021 version will get you updates until the end of this year. 
    We typically have an upgrade discount when the new version comes out around December or January.
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