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Difference bewteen animation/skin 3DSMAX / Marmoset

Hi all, i'm new here, it's my first post :3 i have some problems for rendering an animation :( my animation in 3DSMAX is fine, but once in marmoset the skin looks weird, because his white shirt goes through his black jacket (here, two images taken at the same moment in 3dsmax and marmoset). I exported as I usually do my character fbx, and I just imported the fbx into marmoset, without making any setting changes on it (I don't know enough about it) I have never had this problem before with my few other animation renderings, I would really need some help please, I did not find my solution on the internet :(

Thank you in advance for your assistance <3


  • lo_fish
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    lo_fish polycounter lvl 2
    Not really sure but it seems to me that the subdivison level in the lower image (Toollbag) is quite a bit higher as appears in your Max screen grab. I believe there is s good chance that Toolbag just smoothes out the overall curvature a good bit more as in Max and thus the layer underneath penetrates the layer above. Try to adjust the subdivison in Max accordingly and check what you get there.
  • Kyuran
    Thank for your answer ! It's very strange, why is Marmoset doing this? The two models are supposed to be exactly the same. I cannot add subdivision under 3DSMax, the model is optimized for animation and I will break my skin if I do this :(
  • EarthQuake
    This could be a triangulation mismatch, if exporting quads & ngons, Toolbag may interpret them differently than Max. Try exporting it as a triangulated mesh.
  • Kyuran
    Thank you so much EarthQuake ! <3 it's that ! I export from 3DSMax my character with the box "triangulate" checked ans now it's perfect in Marmoset ! :) 

    Thaaaaank ~ <3
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